Featured Speakers

Active Health Care in Public Kindergarten and Public School Buildings in Cologne, Germany

Gerhard A. Wiesmüller
Institute of Occupational Medicine and Social Medicine, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, Germany
Public Health

Plant Derived Bioactive Molecules: A Natural Remedy For Malaria and Cancer based on Electrospun Nanofibers containing Artemisinin

Cosimo Carfagna
Professor of Chemistry at the University of Naples, Italy
Primary healthcare

From Evidence-based medicine to precision medicine

Jacques S Beckmann
Director of the Medical Genetics Department , Swizerland

Importance of accreditation in health care

Nadia Al-Kandary
Chairman of Forensic Pathology Lab, Kuwait

How valid are IMS DA summary statistics of children’s vaccination status?

Aisha El-Turki
Research fellow in Division of Public Health and Primary Care BSMS , United Kingdom
Pediatric Healthcare

Severe Obesity, Emotions and Eating Habits

M. Koski
Psychiatrist, University of Helsinki, Finland
Obesity and Nutrition

An RFID Based Telehealth System for Localizing Elderly with Alzheimer’s

Mohammed Wasim Raad
Lecturer and Researcher in the field of Digital Signal Processing & RFID, Saudi Arabia
Healthcare information technology

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